Romantic Utah Elopement with a Candlelit First Dance

March 28, 2022

Working with Niki + Matt was an absolute joy! Their love for each other was so evident even upon first meeting them. Their only requirements for their Utah elopement was becoming one in an incredibly stunning location and ending the day dancing under the stars. We were able to make all their dreams come true and in a way that was intimate and romantic.

The location of this Utah elopement was about two hours south of Moab, UT. Alongside the team of vendors on this elopement, we scouted and researched to find this stunning, breathtaking area that was so surreal with how deserted it was. Pulling up to the location was like pulling up to Mars. There wasn’t another soul for miles and not a single bar of cell service. Which only made for a more romantic and intimate day for Niki + Matt. They were able to focus on each other and their love without a single distraction from the outside world.

The Beauty is in the Details

What makes any elopement special and unique are the details of your day. This Utah elopement was simple and intimate, but that didn’t stop the couple and the vendor team from making it a romantic, unique, and spectacular day! Details within the ceremony are huge, and we aren’t just talking the decorations. The vows can be one of the most important details to an elopement ceremony. Niki + Matt’s vows were some of the most sentimental and unique vows that we have ever heard.

One of our favorite details from the day was the floral ground installs that came together by scooping up tumbleweeds and other elements that the florist found while driving from Denver, CO to Moab, UT. How unique and fun is that?! Another of our favorite details of this Utah elopement was their first dance. For their “first dance”, we surrounded the couple in candles and flower petals while they danced under the stars to Daniel Caesar. If you watch the video above, you’ll get a little glimpse of their romantic, candlelit first dance.

After this Utah elopement was over, Niki + Matt headed back to Moab where they were staying for the night. Because we were in the middle of nowhere with just our headlights, the moon, and stars it was difficult to get back on the main road. The couple ended up getting their car stuck in the sand dunes and we pushed their car out until they were back on the road. We like to call it an “elopement with a bit of off-roading.”

Without further ado, we can’t wait to show you this romantic Utah elopement!

The Romantic Utah Elopement

The lovely vendor team we got to work with for this elopement:

Photographer: Grace Gatto Photography

Videographer: O.Ski Films & Becca Neblock

Florist: RLY RLY Studio

Planner: Amara Collective

Dress: Grace Loves Lace


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